2012 Boundary Adjustment Records

For a list of State Laws governing municipal certifications, click here.


Minersville Annexation 3/20/12

Beaver City Annexation 12/11/12

Box Elder

Brigham City Annexation 8/2/12

Town of Fielding Annexation 11/15/12


Millville Annexation 1/12/12

River Heights City Annexation 5/8/12

Amalga Town, Bingham Annexation 6/13/12

Amalga Town, Olague Annexation 6/13/12

Providence City Disconnection 8/14/12

Millvelle City Annexation 9/8/12


Layton City Annexation 12/15/11

Layton City Annexation 9/21/06

Syracuse City Annexation 5/9/12


Roosevelt Annexation 1/7/12

Roosevelt Annexation 9/18/12


Ferron City Annexation 5/10/12

Huntington City Annexation 7/18/12

Ferron City Annexation 10/11/12


Hatch Town Annexation 12/20/12


Moab City Annexation 2/14/12


Juab and Millard Counties boundary adjustment 6/6/12


Juab and Millard Counties boundary adjustment 6/6/12

Salt Lake

Sandy City Annexation 1/3/12

South Jordan Annexation 2/19/08

Sandy City Annexation (Gough) 6/5/12

Sandy City Annexation (Lewis) 8/14/12

Sandy City Annexation (Payzant) 9/18/12

Draper and South Jordan City boundary adjustment 6/5/12

Mt. Olympus Improvement District name change 7/18/12

Cottonwood Heights Disconnect 10/9/12

Sandy City Annexation (Alston) 9/18/12

Sandy City Annexation (Dimple Dell) 9/11/12

Sandy City Annexation (Lone Springs) 9/18/12

Sandy City Annexation (Majestic Canyon Road II) 9/18/12

San Juan

Monticello City Annexation 10/9/12

Monticello City Annexation updated 10/9/12


Ephraim City Annexation 3/21/12


Richfield City Annexation 6/26/12

Salina City Annexation 9/26/12

Salina City Annexation correction map 9/26/12


Park City Annexation 5/24/12

Town of Henefer Annexation 7/3/12

Snyderville Basin Cemetery District 11/28/12


Grantsville City Annexation 5/2/12

Grantsville City Annexation 12-19-12


Santaquin Annexation 1/4/12

Lehi Annexation 1/24/12

Spanish Fork Annexation 1/17/12

Cedar Hills Annexation 2/21/12

Lehi Annexation 12/13/11

American Fork Annexation 3/27/12

Eagle Mountain City Annexation 5/15/12

Springville City Annexation 8/21/12

Eagle Mountain City Annexation 9/4/12

American Fork Annexation 11/13/12

Spanish Fork Annexation (Schwartz) 9/4/12


Charleston Town Annexation 6/5/08


St. George City Annexation 12/20/12

Hurricane City Disconnection 5/17/12


Ogden City Midland Annexation 9/11/12

Ogden City Giles Annexation 9/11/12

North Ogden City Annexation 12/11/12

Uintah City Annexation 11/13/12

Special Service District

Alta Canyon Recreation SSD Annexation (Mansell) 1-4-12

Alta Canyon Recreation SSD Annexation (Springer) 1-4-12

Arches Special Service District Creation 7/5/11

Goshen Valley Local District Creation 1/10/12

South Sevier Special Service District Dissolution 1/23/12

South Valley Sewer District Annexation 12/7/11

Wasatch County Subdivision Speccial Service District No 1 Dissolution 12/21/11

Wasatch County Subdivision Speccial Service District No 2 Dissolution 12/21/11

Vernal City Community Development and Renewal Agency Creation 2/1/12

Saratoga Springs Community Development and Renewal Agency Creation 1/3/12

Echo Sewer Special Service District Creation 4/18/12

Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District 4/11/12

Benchland Water District 5/17/12

Central Weber Sewer Improvement District 5/21/12

Central Weber Sewer Improvement District Annexation 6/18/12

Central Weber Sewer and North Davis Sewer boundary adjustment 5/21/12

Beaver County Special Service District No 7 4/4/05

Wasatch County Interlocal entity 7/1/12

King Benjamin and Holland Park Special Service District 10/2/12

Salt Lake Valley Fire Service Area 12/18/12

North Davis Fire District 12/11/12

Washington City Community Development and Renewal Agency 5/23/12

Ticaboo Utility Improvement District Name Change 9/13/12

Weber Basin Water Conservancy District annexation 4/27/14