Air Quality in the News

Utah Refineries on tap to produce cleaner Tier 3 fuel – KSL June 24, 2018

This article outlines the transition Utah refineries are making to Tier 3 fuels. Projections indicate this will significantly reduce air pollution in the state. Governor Herbert actively pushed for this change in conversations with refinery executives.


Herbert approves spending plan for VW Settlement money – KSL June 19, 2018

This article details the plan Governor Herbert recently approved for the spending of $35 million acquired through a legal settlement with Volkswagen. This settlement money will be used entirely to offset the adverse air quality affects caused by their emissions test cheat.


Utah on tap to receive $12.7 million for air pollution fight – Deseret News May 2, 2018

This article discusses grant money issued to organizations in the state of Utah through the Environmental Protection Agency to address air quality issues.