Frequently Asked Questions

What foods does WIC provide?

WIC provides an assortment of foods including fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, whole grains, cereal, eggs, legumes, peanut butter, infant foods, and infant formula.

Do I have to get all my WIC foods?

No, it is not a violation if you choose to purchase less or none of the WIC foods provided to you.

Can I replace foods I don’t use with another food?

A few substitutions are allowed for some foods. Contact your WIC clinic to discuss your options and to have your checks changed. No substitutions may be made at the store. You must get what’s printed on the check if you choose to purchase that food using your WIC checks.

May I feed my WIC foods or my child’s WIC foods to other members in my household?

The WIC foods are meant only for the person whose name is on the checks. If those in your home receiving WIC checks do not eat a certain WIC-provided food, do not get it at the store or ask the clinic staff to remove it from your checks. If you have gotten WIC foods that are unneeded, bring them to your WIC clinic.

What should I do if I reduce or stop breastfeeding?

Contact your WIC clinic. You will meet with a nutritionist and discuss the options available to you.