Section III: State Operations (Draft)

FY 2020 Utah WIC State Plan

I. Vendor Management

I_Vendor_and_Farmer_Management_FY2018 (print)
Administrative ReviewCash-Value Benefits (EBT)Cash-Value Voucher data FieldsCheck Data Fields Compliance Purchases and Inventory Audits (EBT)Compliance Purchases and Inventory AuditsConfidentiality of Vendor Information Conflict of InterestDefinitions in Food Delivery (EBT) Definitions in Food DeliveryDescription of Food Delivery System (EBT)Description of Food Delivery System Documentation of Vendor Sales (EBT)Documentation of Vendor SalesEBT Capability (EBT)ECR Reimbursement (EBT)Evaluation of Authorized VendorsFile Transmissions (Claim file – Hot Card – APL) EBT Food Inventory RequirementsFood Price Reporting ListLost e-WIC cards at Vendor (EBT)Names of Companies in Food DeliveryNotification of Program ChangesPayment Disputes and Appeals (EBT)Purchase of Infant FormulaReimbursement and Claims (EBT)Reimbursement and Claims Renewal of the Vendor AgreementTransaction Procedures (EBT)Transaction ProceduresUse of Incentives and Promotions Use of the WIC Acronym and LogoVendor Authorization (EBT)Vendor AuthorizationVendor MonitoringVendor TrainingVendor Violations and Sanctions (EBT)Vendor Violations and SanctionsWIC Vendor Identification

II. Nutrition Services – Breastfeeding

II_Nutrition_Services_FY2017 PDF
Breastfeeding Promotion
BF Aids BF Descriptions BF Interview BF Positive Peer Influence BF Promotion and Support Positive BF Clinic Environment
Food Package Prescription
Food Packages Foods AuthorizedMedicaid Ordering Formula from the StateTailoring Food Packages
Healthcare Referrals
Health Care Referrals
Nutrition Education and Counseling
Counseling Monitoring and NEP Nutrition Education Staff Requirements and Training
Participant Screening and Assessment
Anthro and Lab Procedures Mid-Certification Health Assessments Nutrition Risk ManualVENA and Nutrition Risk

III. Information System


IV. Organization and Management

IV_Organization_and_Management_FY2017 PDF
DFHP Org Chart 2010 DOH-8-2016 Local Agency and Clinic List State WIC Staff List Utah State Drug Policy WIC Advisory By-LawsWIC and CSFP Org Chart

V. NSA Expenditures

Financial Reporting

VI. Food Funds Management

VI_Food_Funds_Management_FY2017 PDF

VII. Caseload Management

VII_Caseload_Management_FY2017 PDF
Estimated Participation

VIII. Certification

VIII_Certification_Eligibility_and_Coordination_FY2018 (print)
Fair Hearing Procedures Interstate Dual EnrollmentĀ VISION – Nutrition InterviewAssessmentQuestionsforeachCategory

IX. Food Benefit Accountability and Control

IX_Food_Delivery_FI_FY2018 (print)
E-WIC Card Control ProcessReconciliation of Checks Check Control Process

X. Monitoring and Audits

X_Monitoring_Audits_FY2017 PDF
Clinic Fraud and Abuse Management Evaluation Results Form Template ME Tool Operations

XI. Civil Rights

XI_Civil_Rights_FY2017 PDF

Public comment is welcome on the development of the State Plan. Contact the State WIC Office for information at 1-877-WIC-KIDS.